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Terms of Service

Usage Agreement

By inviting this bot and using it, you agree to the below terms of service and privacy policy.
You acknowledge that you are able to invite and use this bot to Discord servers where you have the appropriate permissions to do so.
You also acknowledge that the breaking of the Terms of this bot, the Privacy Policy of this bot, Discord's Terms of Service, Discord's Privacy Policy, or Discord's Community Guidelines might result in the revoking these abilities.

Age Restriction

This bot may not be used by individuals under the minimum age requirement, specified in Discord's Terms of Service.


The creator(s) of this bot are not liable in any way for individuals breaking the specified Terms.


These terms may be changed at any given time. The user has 14 days to opt out of these terms by removing the bot from their server.


For contact and support, you may email [email protected]. Other ways of support may be given, but are not guaranteed.


This bot might experience delays, errors, and downtimes. Continuous, error-less availability and uptime of the bot or any of its features, is not guaranteed.

Privacy Policy

Data Usage

This bot uses provided, inputted data in commands (text, usernames and images) and might share it with external API services for the functionality of its commands. It also stores some information about the user and/or guild and/or channel when specific commands are used, which you can check below.

Stored Information

  • Using /fun chat stores the user's ID and conversation with the chatbot, both of which can be deleted by the user by using the /reset chat command
  • Using /gchat add stores the guild's ID, the channel's ID and the user's ID, displaying the guild name, channel name and user name on a public list, allowing other users of the bot to see all the messages sent to this channel and to send messages to the channel. This information can be deleted by using the /gchat remove command on the specified channel.